Applied Confidence with Dr Louise Mahler

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At any time, research shows non-verbal skills to carry over 4 times the weight of words and in emotional times it is more heavily weighted. We need only look at our leaders through bushfires and the Coronavirus to see the challenges. Now is the time for you to take this opportunity to break the habits that undermine your confidence, clarity and connection through superb body language, vocal nuance and clear frameworks of engagement.

For many individuals, the issue of presence and influence becomes an inescapable challenge. The key thing is to get onto it, face that challenge head-on and work on the key skills for change that are practical, achievable, and highly realistic.

This 4-week program challenges the habitual patterns of interpersonal leadership communication, with a focus on the virtual world. Delivered by Dr Louise Mahler, an expert in body language, voice and emotion, with a PhD in business, and degrees and masters in organisational psychology as well as music.

Over 4 sessions with structured focuses, you will gain:

Hear from Louise where she explains Applied Confidence: How can you control your nerves?


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Course Outline 

Delivered virtually, these comprehensive sessions will be divided into three key themes:

Getting your voice heard 

Let’s get back to basics, our bodies are 60% water and we communicate interpersonally by simply by managing air in and out of that water-filled vessel. What can go wrong? A lot!
The voice is a simple mechanism, but we tend to make a meal of it. The good news is that these are almost always habitual patterns, not ingrained psychological or physical failings. Change is in your control and this webinar will outline how it works, what you may be challenged by and how to overcome it to bring your vocal best every day and under pressure.

You will learn:

  • How your voice works and what goes wrong
  • Why women’s voices are undervalued in business
  • How stress manifests
  • When there is something wrong
  • What we perceive as trust and caring and how to do it
  • What being authentic mean
  • Common problems – talking to fast – what to do
  • How to interrupt professionally
  • How the body, arms and legs can help

Presenting Virtually 

Presenting virtually is different. There are distractions for the audience, the challenges of being a talking head on a screen and barriers to reading and managing audiences. In the virtual world, we need good frameworks, concise communication, time management and the ability to engage.

You will learn:

  • What’s different about the virtual world
  • How to get the presentation started
  • An overall framework
  • How to not make it all about you
  • How to break the content mould
  • How to read your audience
  • How to engage
  • How to finish professionally

Handling difficult situations 

In a Covid-world of uncertainty and continual change, many people are tired, concerned and confused. The situations we face need great skills at our finger-tips, ready to engage at a moment’s notice. There are basic processes no business person can be without as well as the crucial body-language and vocal tone to be effective.

  •  The framework for difficulty
  • The framework for changing the behaviour of others
  • Non-verbal responses that assist
  • Specifics of empathising
  • Why we reflect
  • Buying time

Applied Confidence Masterclass 

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Dr Louise Mahler

2021 Speaker of Excellence Award Winner, Dr Louise Mahler is passionate about helping others ‘be heard’ in their leadership roles. A global thought leader in voice and body psychology in leadership, her clients are exemplars in their spheres and her specialty is transforming frogs to princes.

She has travelled Asia, USA and Europe over the past decade delighting audiences with original, practical and useful information to help them evolve their communication, buoyed by her experience as an opera singer at the Vienna State Opera and her PhD in Leadership Communication, backed by Masters in Organisational Psychology, a Master of Neuro-Linguistics and a Degree in Economics.

The author of Resonate with Penguin Random House, Louise is a regular guest for television and radio, voted as one of the top 50 thought leaders by IBM and an international Stevie Award Winner in 2020 for her contribution to Women in Business.

Listening to Louise you be entranced by how she walks her talks and acts as an active example of the work she espouses and you will learn, you will laugh and you will never be the same again.

What participants have said

Dr Louise Mahler is one of the most remarkable individuals I have ever come across by virtue of her multiple and diverse skillsets, sense of humour and generosity in sharing her many pearls of wisdom! She has distilled the art of communication into succinct components to achieve both effective and engaging interaction with audiences of any size. Her advice is relevant to both personal and professional contexts, face-to-face or online formats. No one should miss the opportunity to learn from Louise!

Associate Professor Yvonne Bonomo MBBS FRACP PhD FACHAM, University Of Melbourne

What participants have said

Louise brought smiles to our faces and taught us some extremely valuable and important skills at the same time!  I have just jumped off a Zoom with the entire unit management team, and she is still the talk of the town, with many saying they can’t wait to watch the webinar again!

Covid-19 lockdown was made enjoyable because of Louise! She is a powerhouse and if I can just muster up a small amount of her gravitas, I will have achieved an element of greatness!

Shelley Cox, Sales Manager, Astrazeneca

What participants have said

The feedback we received from our first online event with Dr Louise Mahler was overwhelmingly positive and exactly what we needed given the current virtual working environment. Not only was it the most highly attended optional event we’ve had in years, but Louise’s presentation was followed by multiple requests of when she will be returning as a guest speaker again. We couldn’t recommend Louise for a workplace event more highly!

Meredith Chester, Partner, PWC

What participants have said

Thanks to Louise’s training I have reached my goal. Thank you for doing your work. What you did for me was nothing short of life-changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bernadette Cangelosi Partner, KPMG

What participants have said

The leadership team absolutely loved it and found it very valuable. I had one GM say she wished he’d attended the workshop 10 years ago and that it was the best workshop she’s attended in her career.

Katie Strother, Asset Management, Jemen

How the Digital Workshops work

This series is designed for emerging and emerged female and male leaders to be heard with presence and influence.


4-part interactive digital learning sessions of 1.5 hours, capped with a comprehensive masterclass.


Up to 15 participants to keep the group intimate and allow people to ask more specific questions pertinent to their situation


Via Zoom, interactive workshop-style


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$1770 inc GST per person for new members(includes 12-month individual membership)

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$1695 inc. gst per participant.

$1770 inc GST per person for new members(includes 12-month individual membership)


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