Building Core Confidence

20 Mar 2019

WiBF was very happy to have Fiona Pearman, strategist, coach & author join us as our special guest speaker of our latest Brand You webinar on Monday 18 March. Fiona Pearman is the co-author of Core Confidence, an essential how-to guide for working women wanting to maximise their potential and overcome fears and beliefs that hold them back. She shared valuable insights, including some of the key concepts from the book with our members during the 30-minute webinar.

To begin, Fiona provided a definition of confidence. She explained that if you Google ‘confident woman’, some images may be misleading. The researcher may conclude from their findings that to be a confident woman is to wear a lot of make-up and appear glamorous all the time. From other images, they may see that “confident” women must portray more masculine qualities: with toned muscular bodies, fresh from the gym.

In a 2017 study by Chief Executive Women and Bain, it was found that women are twice as likely as men to be told that they need to display “more confidence”. This can be very problematic as what confidence looks like varies greatly depending on who you ask. The best way to deal with this, if you are ever asked to be more confident is to ask for more specific feedback i.e. what about my current behaviour lacks confidence? The answer could be a variety of solutions such as to stand up straight, speak more clearly, or to say sorry less. The solution could be simple, but only if you ask.

According to Fiona, core confidence begins by simply expressing and embodying the mantra: “I’ve got this”, as it is “shorthand for I have physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual capacity to meet the task or situation in front of me.” Fiona recalled the many times she has heard women say: “inside I don’t feel confident at all”. Fiona told us that confidence is not something you learn or find, but an essence of sorts that is inside all of us.

So rather to reconnect with your confidence than to find it anew, follow the below steps:

Thank you Fiona for your valuable insights. To our participants, thank you for your attendance. We hope to see you again at our next Brand You webinar.

Author Bio

Chelsea Wick is Media and Communications Coordinator at WiBF and is passionate about family, friends, enjoying the little things in life, and being positive.