Practise social distancing but not vocal distancing: How to speak with influence when working remotely

By Courtney Mathew

15 Jul 2020

In our latest Ask the Experts, Lucy Cornell, Founder and CEO of The Cornell Voice Advisory, a leading Global Specialist on the speaking Voice for Business leader joined us to equip our audience with techniques to stay in voice while working remotely,  to speak boldly when it matters, to be clear and direct, to listen deeply so you can discern where agenda meets truth and to access the remote working super power: to hear what is in a voice – not just the words, but the intention in the voice.

Lucy gave some background about why our voices are unique, how their characteristics are formed through our experiences. Often through social conditioning, women especially can alter their pitch, tone and delivery which affects our voices true expression. Overcoming this is possible, and by connecting with our subconscious when speaking we can enhance our delivery.

It starts with the need to speak – the stimulus – is fueled by the breath, through your throat and vocal cords, which resonates through your body out of your mouth into the audience.

In this current environment, there is a lot of white noise – people are distracted and there are more obstacles to overcome to get your message through. You need to make sure your audience is listening –  think about what’s in it for them? Craft a position to drop your voice into.

Lucy recommends aiming for one thought, one breath you want to speak with influence. Particularly on technology, where things are slower it is important to use the timing of your delivery more. By shortening the amount of information to one train of thought per breath, your message will be clearer and stronger.

Thank you so much Lucy for sharing your advice on how we can all be leaders of hope. Lucy has lots of fantastic resources on her website:

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