Learn by doing – bank simulator training program now at WiBF

By Jen Dalitz

30 Sep 2019

WiBF is very excited to introduce a fresh new and innovative program, exclusively for WiBF members, with the program to be run for the first time on 8 November 2019 in Sydney. For a detailed overview of program content and format, you can download the program information pack here.

Ascension Banking Simulator is a technology based program that improves decision-making by enabling teams to better understand banking fundamentals, leadership team trade-offs, and how to balance customer/shareholder outcomes.

Through a high-quality simulated program and in small teams, you will develop banking and business acumen and holistic thinking that allows participants to learn to deal with the many complex real-life issues faced by banking leadership teams.

Ascension is open to managers of functional areas in banking, finance or professional services, on the senior leadership trajectory, who would benefit from understanding the macro environment of running a bank. This program is gender inclusive, and the full day program is offered at an all-inclusive cost of $1,800+gst per person.

Participants who undertake the program will learn how to:

The program incorporates interactive video-based case-studies which focus on events such as the failure of Northern Rock and Lehman Brothers, NAB’s break-up marketing campaign, and the evolution of Australian/Global Banking regulation.

The Ascension program has been developed by Excelerate Consulting, a small team of experienced ex-bankers with backgrounds in Private Equity, M&A, Corporate Finance, Capital Management, and Product Management.

Who would benefit from participating in the Ascension Program?

Managers of functional areas in banking, finance or professional services, on the senior leadership trajectory, who would benefit from understanding the macro environment of running a bank.

Ascension Pilot Program

Ascension will be launched into the WiBF education suite with a 1-day pilot on 8 November 2019 in Sydney. It is open to women and men.

The minimum number of participants required for the pilot program is 16. At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest, with program registrations to be finalised subject to sufficient demand being received by 15th October 2019.

Please register your interest in the pilot, including how many participants you would like to nominate by completing the online form here.

We are also seeking a venue to host the pilot, to provide a room, morning and afternoon tea and light lunch. If you are interested and would like to support us in launching this exceptional program, please let us know.

We hope you agree that the Ascension program is a valuable experience for the development of future leaders in banking and finance. We look forward to receiving your feedback and nominations, and should you have any questions please contact Julie Pham in the WiBF office on events@wibf.org.au or phone 0437 033 581.


“The well-designed simulation provides a brilliant way to learn complex concepts and promotes responsible and sustainable decision making.” – Robert Bell, CEO 86400

“We had so much fun but I actually learnt a lot… it has opened my eyes to all the levers in play.” – Robyn Timmermans Senior Marketing Manager – National Local Area Marketing, Westpac

“A really useful learning experience to understand the tradeoffs banks make. All that mixed with a little competition between the teams made for a fun day. A great scenario based learning tool. The facilitators worked well with the team and made it fun.” – Adrian Pin, Head of International Business Needs, Westpac

“Provided great insights into executive decision making at banks. This will help my team to serve our clients who are banks.” – Andrew Sallway, Partner BDO Business Restructuring

“Was such an awesome experience and very well thought through day.” – Jean Shannon, Business Manager Operations – BT Financial Group

“Really reinforced the need to take a short, medium and long term view on decision making. Great format with the use of the simulation. I would highly recommend.” – Lucka Beram, Senior Product Manager, Westpac