Women@Work Research Report

18 Apr 2019

Fiona Pearman, strategist, coach, author, and one of our recent Brand You speakers released a report from the Women@Work with data and insights regarding women’s career progression, the gender pay gap, flexibility, bullying and sexual harassment. 86% identified some barriers that are impeding their career advancement. The surprising element that emerged is the optimism bias of women themselves – the contradiction between wanting to believe their organisation is making progress on gender equality, while that isn’t necessarily the case. You can access the findings here.

Here’s some highlights from the report:

  • Career Progression – 2 in 5 women are considering leaving their organisation due to the lack of progression opportunities
  • Lack of clarity is impacting women’s ability to progress – 38% of women are not clear regarding what they want at work
  • Women believe men are paid more – only 46% believe they are paid the same rate for performing the same work
  • Women don’t ask – only 48% have had an open discussion regarding their remuneration in the past 12 months
  • Workplaces can be unsafe – 71% of women have experienced bullying and harassment in some form – and only 20% have reported this to a manager or HR
  • Working part-time is seen as a career limitation – with 47% saying it is difficult to work part-time and have a career
  • Women are overloaded – Women know they need to build a strong network and personal brand, yet often don’t have the time to do that, given other responsibilities

We need to continue to work together until these problems are a thing of the past. That will mean supporting and listening to each other, and taking frequent and consistent actions to make the workplace a more fair and inclusive environment.

Author Bio

Chelsea Wick is Media and Communications Coordinator at WiBF and is passionate about family, friends, enjoying the little things in life, and being positive.