WiBF Brand You

The key objective of the Brand You webinar series is to assist you in building a solid foundation of leadership skills such that you’re ready to step up and lead when the opportunities arise.

Brand You

The WiBF Brand You webinar series is designed for entry-level participants to the banking and finance industry and those aspiring to leadership roles, with the objective of providing access to a wide range of specialist knowledge to assist in building a solid foundation of leadership skills in readiness to step up and lead when the opportunities arise.

We’re currently planning the 2023 program of specialist speakers, so if there’s someone in your organisation or network that you feel has some good tips and content to share, send an email to rosie@wibf.org.au.

Accessing the full series:

WiBF is delighted to have our past Brand You webinars available to our members via the WiBF website. After every webinar, the recording is uploaded onto a page in the WiBF member dashboard for easy and immediate access. Here is a snippet of some of the incredible webinars you have access to via your WiBF dashboard:

To access these recordings, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WiBF dashboard
  2. Click “My Member Content”
  3. Click “Downloads, Podcasts & Webinars”
  4. Please select the tab “webinars” and all of the past webinars are listed. To view, please click view on the one you would like to access. There is no limit to watching these.

We hope you enjoy the WiBF Brand You webinar series. If you would like to register for our webinars, please visit the WiBF events page.

Book Now!

For Corporate Members seeking to register participants from your organisation – please have them log into their WiBF member dashboards, and book via the WiBF events page. This series is FREE for members of WiBF. 

The cost of this series is $20 per session for website subscribers.