Masterclass: Designing Influential Communications and Presentation with Dr Stephanie Burns

14th September 2022 12:30pm - 5:00pm
Style of Course: In-Person Cohort
WiBF Member: AUD $990.00 Website Subscriber: AUD $1265.00


Professional communications and presentations are purposeful. They are crafted to produce specific effects and outcomes. Essentially, to take what is in your mind, and re-construct it in the minds of others. This might be to gain support, to sell, to convince, to influence, to challenge assumptions, to inform, to educate and so on.

There are two essential components that lead to successful communications:

1) Your skills in delivery; and,
2) equally, if not more important, your ability to mindfully construct the communication with precision to achieve your specific outcome.

Some of the content presented in this program:
• Defining outcomes
• Designing set-ups to open the mind of those receiving the communication BEFORE delivering your main content
• Sequencing content properly: First you do this, then you do that
• Effective preparation: Saturating in the content such that your attention can be on the individual or group while speaking, and NOT on your notes
• Handling unexpected events during the presentation
• Expanding your range of communication/presentation behaviour.

Pre Work

This course is recommended for those who have completed any Voice of Leadership and/or Leadership 20:20 course over the last four years.


Overall this course is designed to expand upon the lessons of Voice of Leadership to improve perception, influence and the nature of change.


Dr. Stephanie Burns is well known in the Australian corporate, education and government communities. Trained originally as an engineer by the U.S. Army her career evolved through influential studies into human behaviour. Her own research has led to practical solutions to problems in the areas of leadership, communication, learning and teaching effectiveness. She has lived in Australia since 1987, and completed her PhD with the University of South Australia.