Voice of Leadership with Stephanie Burns – MELBOURNE

06th May 2020 9:30am - 5:00pm
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Leaders make an impact when they speak - What are they doing and how do they do it? In this course participants will learn that professional communications are not just “talking”. They need to be crafted to prepare the minds of those they communicate with such that their messages are heard without judgement, a corner stone of influential communication.

Session 1: Perception and Aspirations:-
The smartest people aren’t always the most successful. How you are perceived in the work force matters greatly. This first session focuses on how perceptions are formed and become attached to our name. To do this we’ll look at the connection between our visible characteristics such as, facial expressions, posture, dress, and the perceptions others have of us. We’ll also look at how our movement affects how we think. We will explore useful professional perceptions and what causes them; and then look at professional growth through this lens of understanding and how to manage perceptions to your best benefit over time.

Session 2: Changing Behaviour:-
Growth and development in a career takes targeted actions. In other words, we need to engage in activities that lead to a broader range of skills and knowledge. This session focuses on the tricky nature of change. We will use our new understanding of the role of perception to explore exactly what behaviours we would as individuals benefit from changing and what new behaviours would be useful to gain. We then extend on this to the topic of feedback, both giving and asking for feedback we can work with to grow.

Pre Work

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Overall this course is designed to improve perception, influence and the nature of change.


Dr. Stephanie Burns is well known in the Australian corporate, education and government communities. Trained originally as an engineer by the U.S. Army her career evolved through influential studies into human behaviour. Her own research has led to practical solutions to problems in the areas of leadership, communication, learning and teaching effectiveness. She has lived in Australia since 1987, and completed her PhD with the University of South Australia.