Adapting to what’s next: How you can use what you ALREADY have and get more of what you ACTUALLY want with Danielle Dobson

13th June 2023 12:15pm - 1:00pm
Style of Event: FREE for Corporate Members (Use CODE: WIBFWEB)
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12:15-1:00pm AEST


Humans are typically hardwired to focus on what’s wrong and not so much on what’s strong. For millennia, our survival depended on it and its called negative bias. However, in our current world, with comparatively less imminent danger lurking around every corner, it is not as critical. So, while a focus on what’s wrong helped us survive now, a focus on what’s strong helps us thrive.

And the rewiring process may not be as difficult to achieve as you might think.

What if you already had everything you need to take the next steps in your leadership adventure, make the life changing decisions about your career or take on that legacy project you have been ruminating on?

While everyone is unique and we all operate differently based on our individual ‘code’ or personal algorithm, there are some simple yet powerful steps we can take to strengthen and build on our current value and take advantage of opportunities waiting for us.

In this 45-minute informative and interactive session, Danielle will:

- Help you understand how the Gender Code training program develops a highly sought after skillset including emotional intelligence

- Help you understand more about critical thinking AND critical ignoring and the part they play in your career success

- Provide actionable steps and tools for you to choose from and implement in a way that’s most relevant to your unique context

Pre Work

Prepare to do some reflecting and some planning because this session will have an activity or two to help you take some important steps to help you to identify what’s wrong, focus on what’s strong and use it for what’s next..


To provide members with important insights and information to take help make decisions about their next crucial career steps, with actionable steps and tools.


Gain knowledge and gain skills and tools to help leverage their existing strengths and valuable attributes.


Danielle Dobson is a speaker, author, corporate advisor and diversity advocate. She’s on a mission to help organisations, leaders and individuals break the Gender Code and reconsider the potential of themselves and their teams, outside of the societal expectations which might be holding them back.? She is a powerful speaker who connects with her audience in a relatable, engaging way. She uses her warmth, passion and knowledge to spark curiosity and guide audiences to redefine their limiting beliefs, based on societal perceptions of gender roles in relationships, workplaces and communities. So they can put themselves in the driver’s seat and experience fulfilment in all areas of life. As a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with extensive 14-year corporate experience, Danielle has covered everything from private practice to Not for Profits to global Fortune500 companies and has lived and worked in five countries. Identifying the high level of stress and overwhelm experienced personally and by professional working women, Danielle wanted to find a way to make a difference to their daily lives. Seven years ago, she dedicated her career to helping professional working women find more freedom and fulfilment through coaching in wellbeing and developing their unique leadership style.