Brave Leadership during challenging times with Sheila Vijeyaras

19th July 2022 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEST


The little brave leadership model. A big courageous life is lived by taking little brave steps.

Join us and discover how to bravely map out a clear roadmap to reclaim your personal power, and gain the knowledge and courage to step into an authentic life. Learn how to listen to your intuition, follow your soul purpose and bravely live your truth.

In this 45-minute session, hear from Sheila Vijeyaras on the new paradigm of brave leadership. Sheila will cover:

- Intuition as a superpower of the modern-day leader
- How to flourish after a crisis.
- How to lead through mistakes and corporate detours
- How to bravely master your mindset

Pre Work

No pre-work is required for this webinar.


Assist you in bravely mapping out a clear roadmap to reclaim your personal power.


Discover how intuition can be the superpower of a modern-day leader. How to flourish after a crisis, lead through mistakes and detours and lastly bravely master your mindset.


Sheila Vijeyarasa holds an MBA (with Distinction) and has held the position as a Finance and Commercial Director with fourteen years’ experience in publishing, media and hospitality preceded by eight years’ experience in Chartered Accounting and Finance. She is a cutting-edge leader in the movement towards courageous leadership, spirituality, consciousness and mindfulness within the corporate setting.

Her internationally bestselling book, Brave: Courageously Live Your Truth has been described as a ‘comprehensive spiritual guide book’ for the conscious corporate leader. She is a powerful spiritual medium and transformational coach. She has appeared on the Australian Television show Psychic TV and All About You. She combines spiritual wisdom with executive leadership coaching to empower you to go out and transform your life. She is known for her artful, humorous and deeply moving presentations on leadership, change management and empowerment. In fact, she gives her audiences a powerful dose of truth, they can’t but honour themselves. Her wisdom imparted makes them feel connected to their own intuition and their inner truth.

She has been featured in the media sharing her insights and strategies for an empowering and courageous successful life from Thrive Global, Sydney Morning Herald, Body + Soul, CEO World Magazine, New Idea, Women’s Agenda, CFO Australia, just to name a few. She has spoken on the main stage at the Mind Body Spirit Festival.

Sheila is passionate about mentoring and coaching talented senior leaders and Executives to exceed their potential.