What it means to become a dynamic leader with Shelley Flett

12th October 2021 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEDT


What really creates dynamic leadership is believing that sometimes the best course of action is the one that feels least comfortable – the thing that is counterintuitive. For many leaders this is letting go of control and learning to influence.

In this 45-minute session, hear from Shelley Flett, business and leadership coach and trainer. She will cover:
- Investing in relationships – which encourages leaders to be their true, authentic selves and show genuine care and concern for their people. It highlights the importance of acting with integrity, doing what they say they’re going to do and doing what’s right, particularly when they think no one is watching…someone is always watching!
- Inspiring respect – challenges leaders to see other perspectives and acknowledge that there is no right or wrong way of doing things, just different.
- Influencing results – demonstrates how dynamic leaders move their staff to action and make sustainable and incremental improvements over time. Dynamic Leaders empower their people, believe in their ability to give the task the right level of attention and trust that they will represent them and the business as best they can.

Pre Work

Think of some leaders in your organisation and network and what qualities they specifically embody. List some areas that you struggle with in your current leadership roles to ask Shelley about.


The key objective of this webinar is to equip members with the dynamic leadership skills required for the new look workforce.


You will learn Shelley's key insights on investing in relationships, inspiring respect and influencing results.


Shelley Flett is an expert in leadership development and team performance. She has successfully operated her consulting practice since 2015 after more than 13 years working as a leader herself in various roles across customer service and operations.

Shelley is passionate about maximising efficiency and building high-performance team cultures in organisations of any size. Her work gives her exposure and experience to businesses across a wide variety of industries including banking, telecommunications, government, local council, critical infrastructure, engineering, hair & beauty, trades, insurance, marketing, travel and retail.

She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (IFCF) and has authored two books: The Direction Dilemma – why knowing what you want makes you a better leader; and, The Dynamic Leader – become the leader others are inspired to follow.

What Shelley has experienced is that it doesn’t matter what industry or organisation you work in, the challenges faced by leaders are fundamentally the same.