Ask the Experts – Practise social distancing but not vocal distancing: How to speak with influence when working remotely

13th July 2020 12:15pm AEST - 1:15pm AEST
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Now it is critical for all employees to be able to speak with impact, influence and confidence. Leaders now need to be heard through a general high level of anxiety or in fast paced and unpredictable scenarios. The business that comes with face to face speaking will get lost in the pandemonium unless people have the skills to stay in control and cut through - virtually or not.

In this 60 minute session, Lucy Cornell, Founder and CEO of The Cornell Voice Advisory, a leading Global Specialist on the speaking Voice for Business leaders will equip you with techniques:
- to stay in voice while working remotely,
- to speak boldly when it matters,
- to be clear and direct,
- to listen deeply so you can discern where agenda meets truth
- to access the remote working super power: to hear what is in a voice - not just the words, but the intention in the voice.

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Lucy Cornell is an international keynote speaker on the innate persuasive power of the human voice.
From her 20 years of working with some of the world’s most influential leaders and their teams, Lucy knows unequivocally that the single most neglected opportunity in business is in the voice of its people.
No matter what technical skills people have or training they have received, none of it matters if they can’t express themselves and be heard. The voice is the last frontier to maximize results in business. And most other businesses don’t even think about it.
Lucy’s central premise is that when someone’s voice can express their power, then you can fully unlock the intellectual capital of your people.