How to cultivate and improve your financial health with Dr Lilli Sussman

07th February 2023 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEDT


Australian women need to go out of their way to cultivate financial health in an environment of gender inequality. Systemic inequality persists, but we are not powerless.

To make fundamental changes in women’s financial health, close the gender pay gap, reduce cultural and hidden institutional bias, and support women to become leaders; we need to act individually as well as together and recognise that as women, our financial, mental, and physical health is worth investing in.

Empowerment starts with ourselves and internal change.

In this webinar, we explore how psychology, behaviour changes and healthy habits are the root cause of money - contrary to what we are taught by the financial industry and by the broader culture.

Shifting the money paradigm using the science of the brain is a critical lever we can pull to improve women’s financial health, supporting economic and gender equality and empowerment.

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Understanding why closing the financial gender gap starts with psychology and behaviour change


Participants will learn how psychology and the science of behaviour change create empowerment through healthy habits; start seeing the ‘why’ instead of responding only at the moment to whatever emotional or environmental triggers come up


Dr Lilli Sussman is a champion of social change, corporate impact, and technology to drive innovation and well-being.

From conscious capitalism to climate-and-human positive solutions, Lili’s unique personal story, recovery from a traumatic brain injury, and purpose-led professional pursuits, combined with her global Ivy League education, have culminated in a fresh product that brings the psychology and the science of behaviour change to personal finance to improve Financial Health: Wisr Today.

Dr Sussman holds a Master's degree and PhD in Political Science and Government from Harvard University. A Master of Arts (M.A.) in East Asian Studies & Political Economy from Yale University and MA Oxon & BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics at University of Oxford.