NBCF Towards Zero Deaths from Breast Cancer with Associate Professor Samantha Oakes

27th June 2023 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEST


National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) purpose is to fund world class breast cancer research in Australia to achieve its vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

Associate Professor Samantha Oakes, Director, Research Investment, NBCF will describe how NBCF funds nationally competitive research in line with its vision and highlight some of incredible research discoveries made with NBCF research investment.

Associate Professor Samantha Oakes will also cover the importance of breast awareness in early detection for breast cancer.

NBCF’s vision is Zero Deaths from breast cancer. To achieve its vision, NBCF’s purpose is to fund world class breast cancer research in Australia.

NBCF invests in world class research that has contributed to a 43% reduction in the mortality rate from breast cancer since its inception.

Breast awareness is crucial to early detection and better outcomes for those burdened with a diagnosis of breast cancer. With more and more corporate women being diagnosed with breast cancer each year, join this webinar to learn the facts behind the statistics and how to minimize your risk in developing this cruel disease.

Pre Work

No pre-work required.


To understand the vision and purpose of National Breast Cancer Foundation and the importance of breast self-awareness for early detection.


Participants will leave with an understanding of the risk factors associated with breast cancer and what they can do to minimize their own risk.


Associate Professor Samantha Oakes is the Director, Research Investment at the National Breast Cancer Foundation. A/Prof Oakes currently leads the NBCF Research team which facilitates NBCFs rigorous, peer review grant schemes ensuring that only the best research aimed at achieving NBCF’s vision of zero deaths from breast cancer. Samantha is a passionate advocate of breast cancer research in the community and a mentor to scientific and non-scientific staff.