Become A Productivity Ninja™ with Julie Jones

15th November 2022 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEDT


A Productivity Ninja™ is calm and prepared, skilled and ruthless in how they deal with the many enemies of productivity and wellbeing. In this webinar, Julie will share with you some of the top characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™, and help you identify specific ways you can implement them. A session full of tips and hacks to help you beat overwhelm, procrastination and get stuff done!

This is a highly practical session with loads of strategies and techniques that can be implemented on the day.

In this 45-minute session, with Julie Jones, you will learn:
- How to identify specific changes to improve your personal productivity and wellbeing
- The 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™ to improve focus and combat stress and overwhelm
- How to reflect, be inspired and motivated

This session will help you get inspired and get yourself and your organisation equipped to transform work for the better!

Pre Work

No pre-work required.


Start your Productivity Ninja™ journey!


Takeaway strategies and techniques that can be implemented on the day.


With over 30 years in senior marketing and strategic roles around the world, Julie has worked in a diverse range of industries; FMCG Food, Pet Care and Medical Research. Thriving in corporate roles with high levels of stress was the norm. Then she got sick with cancer. Twice! Stress takes its toll and can impact on every part of our lives. When Julie discovered the ways of the Productivity Ninja she realised there is a better way to work!

“Productivity Ninja changed the way I work and I find there is time in my day for some much more. I’m now happily teaching loads of Productivity Ninja workshops and running my own business (coaching and mentoring women business). There is space and energy for my family and my other major love; underwater photography. I am passionate about teaching people these amazing Productivity Ninja skills. It’s truly life-changing!”