The Gender Penalty: Turning obstacles into opportunities for women at work with Anneli Blundell

09th May 2023 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEST


Work is a game originally developed by men, for men. Though the players have changed, the rules to succeed have not. When today’s talented women play like men, they can get punished for not being ‘ladylike’, and when they play like women, they can get punished for not being ‘leaderlike’. Welcome to the gender penalties that sideline women from the game of work.

In this talk, we explore the invisible work place dynamics that hold women back and propel men forward and why well-meaning career advice, seldom works for women (‘more executive presence anyone?’).

We address the taboo topic of when we need to change ourselves to fit in (and stay in the game) and when we need to challenge the system instead (to create a new game).

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

– Stand out without stepping on toes to get ahead in your career

– Get what you want without compromising who you are

– Make your mark without becoming someone you’re not

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No pre-work required.


To have a better understanding of what holds women back from reaching their full potential in the workplace


Participants will learn how to turn obstacles into opportunities in the workplace


As the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s 2021, L&D Professional of the Year, and Gold Stevie award winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year, 2021, Anneli’s passion for decoding people and performance dynamics makes her a sought after speaker, mentor and gender equality expert.

With her keynote speaking, and flagship programs on Women@Work, and Applied Allyship, Anneli supports women to increase their visibility, confidence and personal power for greater professional impact.

Anneli is the author of several books on gender equality including: 'The Gender Penalty' and the pocketbook 'When Men Lead Women'.

Oh and she’s a nifty parallel parker, a keen roller blader and a salsa dancing addict who loves any meal cooked by someone else.