TRANSFORMational Leadership: Bringing Soul into Business with Tommy Galant & Adrian Hanks

02nd May 2023 12:15pm - 1:00pm
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12:15-1:00pm AEST


Transformational leadership is an inside out exercise, leading by example. Holistically we take you on a journey through the 3 pillars of being. The Physiological, the Psychological and the Spiritualogical, so you can ‘Bring Your Soul into Business’ with heart led leadership.

Learn what drives you from your purposeful “why”, what the steps are, and how to begin. Leave this webinar with our simple 3 step plan to bring soul into business so you feel engaged in life, whether at work or at home.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

–Breaking free from the old expectations and beliefs – How, and why this is important

– Building up a healthy resilience (Physically, Psychologically, and Spiritualogically to face and navigate growth opportunities and embrace the new way of moving forward with business

– Bringing Your Soul into Business, reconnecting with your purpose, your team, your family, and your life

– Where do I start? My first steps

Pre Work

No pre-work required.


Be inspired and learn about the skills required to overcome multiple adversities in the pursuit of success

1. The Physical: steps to optimise health, wellness, and energy using our 3-legged stool approach.

2. The Psychological: understand how your brain, mind, and beliefs can hold you back. Make the brain your slave and your heart and mind the master.

3. The Spiritualogical: Who am I? What is my why, my purpose, and my reason for being.


Participants will learn how to implement the above skills in their everyday life.


Tommy Galant held VP and Director level roles in IT companies such as AWS, Zendesk, and HootSuite, across the APAC region for 28 years, as a self-proclaimed “Middle-aged Millennial” and Triathlete.

After a health wakeup call at the age of 50, Tommy became driven by a desire to have people reach their full potential by up-levelling leaders to herald in a transformation of optimised wellness, performance, and heart led leadership in the workplace.

He is a Gallup Strengths Certified Coach and Heart Math Facilitator using the latest cutting-edge Epigenetics, and Bio-Intelligence to achieve this.

Adrian Hanks has been working in the personal development space as a holistic psychotherapist and coach for over 20 and has been studying and working with spiritual initiatives for over 30 years. He strives to live with a healthy balance of the left and right brain spheres and loves to inspire people to live the best lives they can physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually (plus the other 6 life aspects he works with).

He loves to spend his time writing, teaching, and travelling, playing the didgeridoo, and having lots of fun and joy with family and friends. Adrian is married with 6 adult children from a blended family and has 4 beautiful young granddaughters and 2 adult Goddaughters.