WiBF Experts on Demand

WiBF Experts on Demand

The key objective is to expand knowledge of key business concepts via published thought leaders.

WIBF is delighted to partner with The Growth Faculty to bring you an ever-growing, curated collection of exclusive videos with the world’s greatest business minds, leading authors, CEOs and execution specialists. The Growth Faculty gives leaders and entrepreneurs access to the world’s greatest business minds to help drive growth and reach their full business potential.

It’s an online book club, with ideas that will change the way you work and lead. Insights with Impact.

As a part of the program, you get to:

A snapshot of who you’ll find:

WiBF Experts on Demand

This program is a brand new WiBF education program featuring internationally recognised business authors. The program runs online with on-demand and webinar components, and is ideal for those seeking to grow their skills or expand knowledge of key business concepts via published thought leaders. 

About the Growth Faculty:

The story begins, like many start-ups, with a stint working overseas. It was a chance offer to help organise an Anthony Robbins event in London where Karen Beattie first felt the impact on audiences of a world-class speaker… and a spark was ignited that would later become The Growth Faculty. 

Back in Australia, Karen settled into events management for the Certified Practising Accountants Association (CPA) before accounting software firm MYOB in 1999 placed their trust in her to organise a national roadshow explaining the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) to thousands of small and medium businesses. “I met so many business owners and managers who were time poor, and personally and professionally stretched,” she remembers. “I saw first- hand how calming and empowering it was for them to know about change before it happened.” Helping these businesses, no matter what their size, access the world’s greatest business minds became Karen’s goal, and so she began The Growth Faculty, initially called Business Connect.

Today, The Growth Faculty is a leading provider of world class education for executives and leadership teams, with speaker events featuring Jim Collins, Simon Sinek, Hillary Clinton, George Clooney, Malcom Gladwell, Patrick Lencioni, John Maxwell and Liz Wiseman to name a few. In addition, a new and improved online business book club is offered to members, with event discounts, and unique content from bestselling business book authors. “Our goal is to provoke ideas, stimulate action and drive profitable growth” – Karen Beattie

How to Apply

For Corporate Members seeking to register participants from your organisation – please email the WiBF office to access your membership inclusions and confirm your participants.

For individuals seeking to register as a participant in the WiBF Experts On Demand Program – please email the WiBF office so we can invoice you, and set you up with your user code.

The cost of the program is $275 including GST for unlimited access to the program for the 2019 calendar year.

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