WiBF "In Her Shoes" Podcast

This podcast series is intended to showcase all the many and varied roles available to women in the banking and finance sectors. 

WiBF “In Her Shoes” Podcast

WiBF is proud to present the WiBF “In Her Shoes” podcast series – episodes available now via your member dashboard.

This podcast series is a career guide for those considering a career in banking and finance, as well as those looking to learn more about different roles. We will showcase the many and varied roles available to women in the banking and finance sectors, by interviewing women leaders across our membership “in conversation” style. 

We’re currently planning the 2020 program of specialist speakers, so if there’s someone in your organisation or network that you feel has some good tips and content to share, send an email to mail@wibf.org.au.Accessing podcast episodes:

WiBF is delighted to have our “In Her Shoes” podcast series available to everyone via the WiBF website. After each podcast is released, the episode is uploaded onto a page in the WiBF member dashboard for easy and immediate access.

To access these recordings, please follow these steps:


  1. Login to your WiBF dashboard
  2. Click “My Member Content”
  3. Click “Downloads, Podcasts & Webinars”
  4. Please select the tab “podcasts” and all of the podcast episodes are listed. To view, please click view on the one you would like to access. There is no limit to watching these.

The following episodes are now available to listen to now:

We hope you enjoy the WiBF “In Her Shoes” series, a brand new online WiBF offering.

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This series is FREE to access for anyone, not just members of WiBF. To access to the podcast series, please log into your WiBF member dashboard.