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With the launch of a number of innovative new resources and initiatives, there has never been a better time to join Women in Banking and Finance community. Becoming a Member enables you to better contribute and help shape the future of diversity and inclusion across banking and finance.

Our Individual membership is designed for those who are not employed by a corporate member and would like to be connected to the financial services sector. The Individual Membership package is $300 incl GST from January 1st with Membership valid up to 31st December. 

Membership with WiBF brings lots of opportunities to grow your career


Enjoy access to exclusive members-only events, webinars and workshops at special membership prices.


WiBF provides members with access to targeted professional development aimed at providing women with the skills and confidence to progress their careers and step into leadership role.

Networking & Community

Connect with industry peers and senior leaders to uncover career opportunities while staying relevant and up-to-date on important industry issues. Join a passionate community of men and women working together towards gender diversity and inclusion.

Thought Leadership

Develop your expertise as well as contribute to thought leadership through our online blog, publications, webinars and events.

Inspiring speakers

Hear a range of high profile speakers share their experiences, providing inspiration and guidance. From panel discussions, leadership insights, and workshops on how to get on a board WiBF offers a wide range of opportunities.


Stay relevant and up to date with thought leadership and trends via our online publications, reports, blogs, WiBF Newsletter.

Awards & Scholarships

Build your professional profile, be recognised as a leader in gender diversity and demonstrate your talent to help accelerate your career with annual WiBF Awards Program. Apply for the Turks WiBF Leadership Scholarship which awards a WiBF member with a significant career development opportunity.

Leadership Committees:

Join and build your professional profile and help steer the strategic direction of the future of Women in Banking and Finance with our State Leadership Committees.

Career development

Opportunities to work with WIBF as a volunteer. Grow your CV, learn new skills and get involved in making a difference.

If you want to drive your career, develop your skills and portfolio, grow your influence, connect with other like-minded people or give back to the industry, then there has never been a better time to join Women in Banking and Finance.

Ready to join? Simply hit the JOIN WiBF button below, or if you would like more information please contact the WiBF office at mail@wibf.org.au

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