WiBF Mentoring Program

A cross-industry leadership and mentoring program to enhance a culture of inclusion across the sector.

The WiBF Mentoring for Success Program is a flagship program in WiBF’s offering and has been running annually since 2007. 

In a world that requires constant innovation to solve new and complex problems, the Mentoring for Success Program aims to provide an opportunity across the Banking and Finance sector for participants to accelerate their career and develop adaptive leadership awareness. 

In 2023, for the first time, this flagship WiBF initiative, will be open for participants of any Gender, providing a broader representation of emerging leaders the opportunity to develop inclusive leadership skills and experience the benefit of this impactful program. 

Much more than just mentoring, the program provides participants with an incredibly rich series of events and workshops that includes psychometric and personal strengths identification tools, leadership development skills as well as diversity and inclusion awareness and practice. 

Mentees are matched with mentors from different organisations within the industry creating positive connections across functions within the sector. This diversity provides a unique opportunity for hearing different perspectives and previous participants highlight this as one of the most valuable aspects of the program. 

Please note we are now taking Expressions of Interest for the 2024 Intake.

Please register your interest for this program by emailing: Rosie: rosie@wibf.org.au

Read more about the program in the 2023 Flyer and hear reflections from 2022 mentees and mentors in this video.

Mentoring Program at a Glance

The program facilitates a mentoring relationship between professionals in middle to senior management, with more experienced individuals in the industry (any gender) who have a passion and genuine interest in mentoring.

Over the course of 8 months, mentees and mentors participate in relevant workshops and networking events, as well as a number of one-to-one mentoring sessions. Participants are matched according to their level of seniority, area of expertise, personality, learning styles and program goals.

The skillful pairing process has given the program a unique reputation for achieving consistent successful outcomes for both mentees and mentors. Each year the diversity, level of experience and caliber of the people involved ensures a matching process of the highest quality.

What are the qualifying criteria? What is the time commitment? What are the key benefits? Keep reading for the answers to these questions and more.

What are the qualifying criteria for mentors and mentees?

Mentees must meet at least three of the following requirements: 

Mentors must meet at least three of the following requirements:

What is the time commitment for the Program? 

Over the eight-month program, from April – November, the commitment is:

Pairing of mentors and mentees 

Each mentee is paired with a mentor from another organisation. The benefits associated with a matching process across the banking and finance industry are numerous. Mentors can provide: 


For Mentees:

For Mentors:

For Organisations:

What Alumni have said

This is different to internal mentoring programs I have been involved in as there is no risk opening up to my mentor. She has provided great advice and tips, particularly around ‘how to network without networking!’ The frameworks provided through the workshops have been a fantastic foundation for my mentoring sessions.”


What Alumni have said

My mentor is very enthusiastic! We are both direct and open and we established this up front. We have worked a lot on leadership qualities and managing people. He has shared lots of gems of wisdom on how to manage people effectively. He has risen to his role because he is a great people leader not just because of his technical brilliance”


What Alumni have said

My mentor is brilliant and has provided invaluable advice at a crucial moment in my career. He is helping me reframe some of my conversations with key stakeholders to make them less emotional, less personal and position my arguments in the light of the firm’s overall strategy. This is a very valuable learning that will potentially allow a shift in my career”


What Alumni have said

I am absolutely loving the program. My mentor and I have been very well matched and he is providing a very different perspective. Specifically, he is helping me deal with some frequent feedback I receive about being too direct or aggressive. His advice is proving to be very valuable”


What Alumni have said

A useful program, which forces participants to take the time to focus on their careers and life priorities. It was really great to focus on leadership strengths through positive reinforcement as all too often in performance review and promotions we are backward focused”


The Serendis Team

WiBF has partnered with Serendis for over a decade to deliver our WiBF Mentoring For Success program. Maud Lindley, founding director of Serendis, brings a deep working knowledge of the banking and finance sector to the program. Her background as an investment banker coupled with her credentials in psychology and coaching ensures that participants in the program are guided through their development with sensitivity and empathy.


How to Apply:

Register your expression of interest for the 2024 cohort by emailing Rosie: rosie@wibf.org.au

For Corporate Members seeking to register mentoring pairs from your organisation and individuals seeking to register as a mentor or mentee in the next WiBF Mentoring Program – please email rosie@wibf.org.au

Please note that participants will be invoiced at a cost of $6,200 + GST upon acceptance of their registration.