WiBF Toastmasters Clubs

For over a decade, WiBF has hosted Toastmasters clubs where our members learn communication and leadership skills by practising public speaking and working with others in a warm, friendly and supportive environment.

Become a better speaker

Toastmasters will give you the skills and confidence you need to effectively express yourself in any situation. By learning to effectively formulate and convey your ideas, you open a world of possibilities. You will be more persuasive and confident whether speaking with your colleagues, your community or your family.

Become a better leader

Leadership is the art of understanding the needs of others and guiding them to achieve common goals. To do so, you need to communicate effectively and inspire people to work as a team. Toastmasters can help you do both. Learn leadership theories and put them into practice with the clubs so that you can, in turn, apply them to everyday situations.

In a nurturing environment

The environment at the WiBF Toastmasters clubs is friendly and supportive, and the self-paced program allows you to build confidence with each speaking and leadership assignment.

Visit our club

You are welcome to visit our Macquarie WiBF Toastmasters club in Sydney to see how it works and whether it’s a good fit for you. Hosted Thursday fortnightly by Macquarie Bank, you’ll need to contact one of the following club leaders to register your attendance:

Hai Pham – VP Membership Hai.Pham@originenergy.com.au 
Emily Lam – VP Education emily.lam@macquarie.com

Start your own WiBF Toastmasters Chapter

If you are interested in starting a WiBF Toastmasters Chapter near you then contact us and we will use our network to help you identify other WiBF members who are interested in getting on board with you.