TurksLegal WiBF Leadership Scholarship

TurksLegal and Women in Banking & Finance (WiBF) are strong advocates for excellence in the Australian banking and finance industry. Now in its fifth year, the TurksLegal WiBF Leadership Scholarship is an exciting joint initiative between TurksLegal and WiBF to support the professional growth of excellence in the industry by providing WiBF members with a significant career development opportunity.

TurksLegal and Women in Banking and Finance (WiBF) are delighted to announce Michelle Erdosi, Senior Manager, CX (Customer Experience), Bank of Queensland as the winner of the 2018 TurksLegal WiBF Leadership Scholarship. Click here to read the full announcement.

The 2018 TurksLegal WiBF Leadership Scholarship – Flyer

Terms and Conditions – 2018 TurksLegal WiBF Leadership Scholarship – Terms & Conditions

Past Scholarship Winners

2018 Scholarship Judging Panel

The scholarship judging panel comprises a range of highly successful professionals across a diverse range of disciplines pertinent to the banking and finance sector.

The 2018 judging panel comprises the following industry leaders:


OPEN: Monday, July 2019

CLOSE: August, 2019 

Who can Enter

This Scholarship is open to all Australian resident members of WiBF. Each entrant must be a current financial member of WiBF or an employee of a Corporate Member. Entrants must work in the Banking and Finance industry. The Scholarship particularly invites applicants with mid-level management experience in their organisation i.e. 7-10 years working in a banking or financial organisation and who are keen to take the next step in their banking and financial services career.

Application Criteria

Applicants must complete the online form via the WiBF website providing:

How to Enter

To apply, entrants must complete an online application form via the Member Dashboard on the WiBF Website and clicking on the My Scholarships tab to answer in a business case framework in 500 words (or less) one of the following questions: 

  1. The Royal Commission is shining a spotlight on conduct in the banking sector with many questions raised as to the underlying integrity of our industry. As the CEO of a major financial institution, what is your plan for rebuilding trust and reframing the social license to operate with our stakeholders and broader community in a post RC environment?
  2. While gender diversity and inclusion strategies are now commonplace in every major financial institution, the progress towards gender balance continues to be challenging. What initiatives have you observed that are really making a difference in attracting, retaining and developing women in your organisation or others? (As opposed to the look good/feel good/tick the box initiatives).
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