Voice of Leadership / Leadership 20:20

Overall, this course is about perception, influence and the nature of change.

WiBF is delighted to welcome back Stephanie Burns, PhD with a new interactive, virtual program: Leadership 20:20. Drawn from content found in Stephanie’s Voice of Leadership and Leadership Futures programs, this series of 5 zoom presentations will address the underlying theories, ideas and strategies for navigating a long and ever-evolving career.

Open to women and men of all career stages, Leadership 20:20 is suitable for both the young professional wanting to learn how to use their early years to build the foundation for perpetual growth into the future, and the seasoned professional who is ready to take advantage of the experiences they have gained, allowing them to focus on the next level of specialisation and/or leadership. 

Dates: Wednesday | 4th May – 1st June 2022

  1. Becoming a life-long learner
  2. Overriding the habit of procrastination
  3. Managing fear, anxiety and lack of confidence
  4. Getting to know and understand yourself
  5. There’s more than enough time

Don’t miss out on this life and career enriching program, offered online & exclusively for WiBF members.

For more information, download the WiBF Leadership 20:20 Flyer, and watch the webinar with Dr Stephanie Burns which breaks down program structure and content. Be quick to enroll, limited places available – please visit the Courses page to start registering.

About Stephanie Burns, PhD

Dr. Stephanie Burns is well known in the Australian corporate, education and government communities. Trained originally as an engineer by the U.S. Army her career evolved through influential studies into human behaviour. Her own research has led to practical solutions to problems in the areas of leadership, communication, learning and teaching effectiveness. She has lived in Australia since 1987, and completed her PhD with the University of South Australia.

What Alumni have said

There are no passengers in this program. Everyone gets to participate, and you get back as much as you give. I now appreciate the fact that HOW a message is communicated can significantly influence the outcome of a discussion.”

Yvonne How, Client Service & Relationship Executive, State Street Corporation

What Alumni have said

When one receives feedback that you have to adapt your style to relate better to stakeholders, it isn’t easy if you’ve spent 10-20 years operating in a certain style. However, no one actually tells you how to make this change. To my amazement, I found after attending this workshop series that Stephanie’s practical tips worked, no matter the situation. I attended her workshops several years ago. I continue to apply them to this day. I highly recommend it for men & women who want to grow their influence.”

Karina Kwan, NED, Former CFO Of Citi Australia & New Zealand

What Alumni have said

Stephanie is an outstanding presenter, her Voice of Leadership programme was exceptional. I often apply the skills we learned from Stephanie. This course is the best professional learning I have experienced.”

Gabrielle Munzer, Senior Business Development Manager, Challenger Investment Partners

What Alumni have said

Stephanie teases out complex threads of presentation skills, body language and selfawareness practices and packages them into easy to use tools. I left the program better equipped to modify the way I speak and present myself and noticed an immediate improvement in how I communicate in all contexts”

Emma Seymour, Financial Controller, JobAdder


A word about this new program delivery

Over these past few months Zoom meetings have moved front and centre as a medium for training. I have been doing many of these and they bring to training a whole new dynamic. There is something very good about this new medium. There is more interaction, it’s more relaxed and in many ways more intimate. We are in our own comfortable worlds, and this changes the energy of these presentations in unique and positive ways. I very much look forward to presenting this work to WiBF members in this new format. I look forward to your insights and hearing your stories as the program unfolds.”

Dr. Stephanie Burns

About Voice of Leadership

This course will lead you to examine how you do what you do, how you are perceived, and how you can add layers to your behaviours allowing you to effect change in others over the course of your career. Most factors related to one’s career success are personal. This course is about YOU!
Open to women and men of all career stages, this is the ideal team development opportunity that has been proven to benefit everyone from the most seasoned executives down to new entrants. There really is something in this program for every individual committed to realising their full potential. For more information, download the Voice of Leadership Flyer here – noting that we do not currently have an intake planned for 2021 in this format. Instead, we are running in its place the Leadership 20:20 format described above for the foreseeable future.


We are running Voice of Leadership in the Leadership 20:20 format described above in 2021. The next five-week intake is scheduled:

About Leadership Futures

Have you attended Dr. Stephanie Burns’ Voice of Leadership Program? Are you ready to learn more, to take another set of steps toward your future, to prepare a detailed plan for how you can take Stephanie’s learnings and apply them towards achieving your career goals?
Our Leadership Futures course is designed for those graduates of the Voice of Leadership, who are interested in looking more deeply into the development of your human behaviour and leadership skills.
This program builds on the content of the Voice of Leadership program, and takes you into workshopping that content designing your own long-term future development.
Unlike the WiBF Voice of Leadership Program, Leadership Futures is open to an intimate cohort of 20 participants for a highly personalised and tailored experience and coaching from Stef.

For more information, download the Leadership Futures Flyer here.


We are yet to finalise dates for Leadership Futures in 2021/22 – please contact us to express interest in this additional program.


For the WiBF Voice of Leadership – Leadership 20:20 Program, participants will be invoiced at a cost of $770 including GST.

For the WiBF Leadership Futures Program, participants will be invoiced at a cost of $900 plus GST.

How to Apply

For Corporate Members seeking to register participants from your organisation – please email the WiBF office to access your membership inclusions and confirm your participants.

For individuals seeking to register as a participant in the WiBF Leadership 20:20 Program – please email the WiBF office to express interest.

For the WiBF Leadership 20:20 Program, participants will be invoiced at a cost of $770 including GST.

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