WiBF Webinar Form

We are looking forward to having you as our Webinar Guest Speaker.

Please prepare and reply to ALL AREAS of the form below within one week of confirming your webinar scheduled date with the WiBF team. 

A WiBF team member will be in touch shortly after receiving the form. *If you have a Speaker Kit with all or most of the necessary information – you can fill in ‘NA’ in the relevant sections and attach the file at the end. 

For any questions please contact: Rosie at info@wibf.org.au 

Thank you!



Yes - WiBF can share publicly and with membersYes- WiBF can share to the members dashboard onlyNo - the speaker wishes to offer this only as a live event

Yes - Speaker to run (please add WiBF logo, tech-check can help you test running the Slides)Yes - WiBF to assist with the running of the SlidesNo